• Winter weddings = super savings!

    Off peak wedding dates allows venues & suppliers to reduce their rates. This allows you to save more money for the all-important summer honeymoon!

  • Be realistic – it’s winter

    The ground will be wet and it may rain. Take advantage of the season and use colourful umbrellas in your photos. Gum boots come in so many styles, they allow you to get outdoors for photos and also keep your wedding shoes stunning for the reception dance floor!

  • Select a venue that has stunning indoor ceremony options.

    Then you don’t have to worry as your ceremony will be beautiful no matter what the weather. A venue that is flexible and can offer the chance to relocate to an outdoor ceremony (in case of a sunny day in May!) would be prefect.

  • Photos – use colour in your flowers or your bridal party’s attire

    Most importantly, find a photographer who won’t mind getting wet and dirty while taking your photos. Quite often you are under cover but they are out in the elements!

  • Reception - candles are romantic and add warmth.

    They are also very cost effective and come in a range of colours and scents. This can be coordinated to suit your wedding theme.

  • Food

    Warming hearty dishes and even hot chocolate

  • It gets darker earlier

    Use this to your advantage and hold your ceremony a little earlier to capture both day light and dusk photo opportunities

  • Have your family photos indoors prior to the reception rather than after the ceremony

    Use the daylight for your bridal party shots and it will allow everyone a chance to get a celebratory drink!

  • Take time to relax and warm up in with your bridal party prior to moving into your reception

    It will allow you some special time to spend with your bridal party and practice your speech or wedding dance!

  • Have fun!

    It is your wedding day and the memories you create will last a lifetime.