Our Story

In 1983 John and Louise Ward operated a deer farm, then built what was formerly Yarra Valley Conference Centre (YVCC) and is now proudly Yarra Valley Estate.

Their long-term vision for the property was to create a dedicated function venue specialising in conferences and events. Shortly after, Yarra Valley Estate (YVE) was established and continues to grow as a leading conference and event venue in the Yarra Valley.

‘Our venue has a warm and inviting atmosphere making guests feel like they are returning home’. With sustainability at the heart of every decision, we aim to leave the environment in a better shape than when we found it, for future generations – Louise Ward.


As custodians of this land, our aim is to continually develop new (and improve upon existing) sustainable practices. As owners we encourage best practices from ourselves, our staff and ultimately our biggest energy users, our guests. We are grateful to our guests for sharing in the responsibility.

Each decision we make, has sustainability at its heart, to ensure our business is sustainable environmentally and financially.’ – John & Louise Ward

our story


YVE is committed to the environment and sustainability. Alongside events and functions, we focus on innovative methods, inspiring others and giving back to those less fortunate, which will ensure that we are leaders in our community.


Our sustainable business model ensures that our growth contributes to the local community. We are also committed to personal growth of our people. We hope that the growth and the success of our business and people inspires others.


At YVE, we want the natural bushland and fresh country environment to benefit our guests and enhance their experience.