Onsite Team Building Activities


Edible Forest ‘Tour, Taste & Educate’

Our Edible Forest, is nothing like you’ve experienced before—over 300 plants that are either edible or medicinal , planted within a forest garden. Weave your way through the 6 different areas including tea, wetlands, bush tucker, sensory, berry & woodlands. A hosted ‘Tour & Taste’ offers you the experience to learn as you taste the harvest, asking questions and finding out what you can grow in your own home garden.

(Duration 45 mins—1 hour. Group maximum: 20 people. Larger groups have the option of splitting with another activity.)


Pizza Making Cooking Activity

Who doesn’t love Pizza? Using ingredients from the Edible Forest and our vegetable gardens, we show you how to make a great home made pizza using our wood-fired pizza oven. We make the dough for you and you do the rest. Using our house-made Passata, top your pizza and cook it in the wood-fired pizza oven. We’ll serve with salads and your own pizzas for your lunch or dinner.
(Duration 45 mins – 1 hour. Group maximum: 16 people.)

Team Building Cooking-1

Pasta Making Cooking Activity

Learn to make your own pasta from scratch with one of our resident chefs. In cooler months, we make gnocchi instead. When the pasta dries, our kitchen can then cook the pasta into a delicious lunch or dinner for your team.

(Duration 45 mins – 1 hour. Group maximum: 16 people)


Cooking Class—’Meals For Locals In Need’

Meet your businesses corporate social responsibility targets with a cooking challenge that ‘gives back’. Prepare nutritious boxed meals which are shared with those in need. The meals are packaged and donated to local charity Holy Fools Street Angels Outreach program, where they are served to local Yarra Ranges residents who are homeless or in crisis at a weekly lunch.

(Duration 2-3 hours. Group maximum; 20 people)

Meals for Locals in Need class can include a tour of the Edible Forest.


Scavenger Hunt

A fun and energetic way to get out and about on the 120 acres at YVE (don’t worry you don’t travel all of it!). A visual hunt for clues around the property which can be tailored to include questions related to your guests, conference agenda or company. Fill in the answers and return to YVE staff. Run with teams or individuals, of course a prize goes to the winner!

(Duration approx. 45 minutes. No group size limit)


Babbajin Park

Onsite at YVE is a wildlife and conservation reserve. Not open to the public, this is an exclusive opportunity for YVE guests. Meet Tony, who spends his days & nights rescuing and raising injured & orphaned animals from the Yarra Valley. During the tour you will have details of their rehabilitation process prior to release.

(Duration 45mins—1 hour. Groups of 10—15 preferred. Bookings essential.)

External Teambuilding Suppliers

Teambuilding Building Activities

Looking for some short ‘ice breakers’, or do you have a group who need physical activity? Let us introduce you to some companies who can host onsite activities including Segway Olympics, Laser Shooting, Archery. Send us an email if you are after anything specific.


Yoga or Boot Camp

Take advantage of the surroundings and engage a trainer who can take your team through some early morning Yoga or a ‘Boot Camp’ session.


Four Pillars Gin Tasting

Want something other than wine? Enjoy a hosted tasting from Four Pillars Gin onsite at YVE. Three selected gins will be showcased, the process explained, featuring botanicals and then tasted.

Group walking to EF

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting

Want to enjoy a wine tasting since you are in the Yarra Valley, but don’t want to go offsite? We can arrange a personalised wine tasting experience from a selection of boutique local wines. This is a fantastic team experience to do before or just after dinner.