Our Awards + Commitment

Proudly an Eco-retreat with a commitment to you; our guests; to the environment, our charities and to giving back. We encourage our guests to adopt the YVE sustainability ethos, while onsite- taking a ‘seed’ of sustainability away with them to incorporate into their daily life.

We have been honoured over recent years, proud to have been recognised for our sustainability efforts with award wins including 2 consecutive year wins for the Premiers Sustainability Award (SME), the RACV Tourism Award for ‘Excellence in Sustainable Tourism’ and the UNAA ‘World Environment Day Award (SME)’.

Take 2 – Sustainability Victoria

Committed to keeping Victoria’s temperature rise to under 2 degrees with Zero state emissions by 2050

Becoming B Certified

YVE has begun the process of becoming a B Certificated Company, an organisation who measures business’ impact and offering a positive vision of a better way to do business through transparency, accountability, and performance.

YVE – Proud to be carbon neutral

Having applied best-practice efficiency measures and accurately measured its footprint, YVE provided substantial data to Carbon Neutral to ensure a specific total would be aligned, allowing for carbon offsets to become a certified Carbon Neutral business.

Achieved Silver Benchmark from EarthCheck

YVE measures its footprint & benchmarked its operations against other similar properties in Australia and around the world, sending its findings to EarthCheck, the world’s largest global sustainable tourism certification program.  We are proud of our Silver Certification.

Sustainable; economic, social and environmental

We understand the importance of having a responsible and forward-thinking approach to sustainability. We seek to maintain natural resources through responsible use of energy, water and minerals whilst also maintaining our quality of service expected by our guests and clients.

We provide an environment that:

  • Supports health & safety in our people
  • Minimises the impact that our business has on the environment and
  • Strengthens customer relationships
  • Driving efficiency and productivity