Corporate Events FAQs

Q: Where are you located?

A: Yarra Valley Estate is located just outside of Melbourne at 2164 Melba Hwy, Dixons Creek. The property is on 120-acres of bushland. Close to Melbourne airport for transfers for travelling delegates

Q: How far in advance do I need to book?

A: That really depends on a couple of factors. How large is your event? Or Do you have specific set days? If you require exclusive use of the property with a larger group or have dates that must be kept, you will need to look 6-12 months in advance – although some of our clients repeat their bookings and forward plan for 18 months in advance.

Q: Can you meet our budget?

A: Yes, we know that each event is different and that financial constraints can determine if you are able to achieve all you want to have for your upcoming corporate event – at Yarra Valley Estate we will work with you to recommend options and assist you to plan the perfect event.

Q; Is there someone onsite to help each day?

A: Absolutely! Your dedicated event coordinator is onsite each day and the YVE team will be there to ensure your event is successful. Any question you may have, ask and we will answer it!

Q: Can I arrive early to set up?

A: Yes, of course. All the finer details like arrival times, bump in and bump out are confirmed with you prior to the event. Perhaps you would like to do a walkthrough with your team prior to the event commencing?

Q: Do you offer exclusive use of the property?

A: Yes, of course. Exclusive use is a benefit that Yarra Valley Estate offers. A larger group may automatically ensure you have the property to yourselves or you can request to have private use for the duration of your event.

Q: Catering; What’s included?

A: It is one of the most important aspects and can make your event memorable (for all the right reasons!). Your health and wellbeing is our priority, we harvest from our Edible Forest & vegetable gardens to ensure the freshest ingredients for your menus. We even ensure that fresh whole fruit is available on arrival.

Yes, coffee is available all day, every day! Nespresso machines are in each event space and also the dining room with a range of pod strengths to choose from. Yarra Valley Tea co & hot chocolate are available for those non-coffee drinkers!

Q: Catering; Dietary Requirements

A: Yes, we cater to all dietary requirements; pescatarian, vegan, nut free, fructose, lactose and more. We have the experience to modify dishes to suit and provide delicious alternatives that will ensure your delegates enjoy each meal. Please note, specific lifestyle choices may not be able to be accommodated.

Q: Do you allow promotional vehicles onsite?

A: The Wedgetail room has vehicle access, so you can drive right onto the floor and park. There are also large grassed areas for display purposes. If you have off-road vehicles, we have 120 acres to drive around on and a steep hill for you to use!

Q: Parking

A: No need for you to worry about parking. It’s free and unlimited. As a sustainable venue, we recommend car-pooling to reduce the impact on the environment and also offer transport options for your event.

Q: Onsite Accommodation; Can I allocate the rooms to suit the team?

A: Yes, you can allocate your team to specific accommodation rooms or areas. We will work with you in the planning process to ensure the best for your team. We have 3 blocks with 14 rooms plus 2 cottages with 3 bedrooms – a total of 48 accommodation rooms onsite.

Q: Onsite Activities

A: We have a great range of onsite activities for you to consider. There is no need to leave the property once you arrive. A list is available here

Q: What do you include for a conference?

A: At YVE, we take care of everything – all you have to do is arrange the agenda, guest speakers and ensure the delegates arrive on time. See all that is included here

Q: Interstate arrivals; Night Prior Accommodation & Airport Transfers

A: Yes, we can ensure night prior arrivals are taken care of, ensuring they are onsite and refreshed after travelling to the venue. If you need airport transfers, we have some fantastic and reliable vendors that will be happy to help – form 1 person to 100 people!

Q: Are we able to put up our own signage?

A: Yes, of course you can erect your own signage. This will reassure your delegates that they are in the right location – although if you don’t have signage, no need to worry – our YVE team will personally direct your attendees on arrival.

Q: Flexibility & Break out rooms

A: We offer flexibility to ensure your event is tailored to your event specifications, from the room set up to the timings, through to the theming and beverage selection! Of course, we can offer recommendations based on our experience. Flexibility also ensures that daily changes are adapted into the agenda quickly and easily.

Break out rooms are available and can be set up in advance or as required for you, depending on availability.