How To Have An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Less is more; there are plenty of ways to re-use, recycle and donate to ensure environmentally and ethically friendly weddings. Some of the below hints will leave you with that warm feeling, after the well wishes and celebrations have finished, those feelings that comes from giving. Start your ‘happily ever after’ with a positive tick!

Tips for 2020 Weddings

2020 Weddings 2020 has been a year that will never be forgotten, post covid, things will be different. It has allowed us to review our priorities, changing our buying habits and allowing us to focus on what is important. Your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life, and post covid

Eco Bride Market Day -22 SEP 2019

    Today’s average wedding can cost tens of thousands of dollars and can result in so much unnecessary waste.  Luckily, soon-to-be-married couples have a way to both save some money – and go green at Yarra Valley Estate’s Eco Bride Market.   This is the 2nd year we are hosting a Recycled Wedding Market

Get married in our Open Air Chapel!

We love with our unique wedding ceremony area and we think  you’ll love it too. We recently hosted a photo shoot here at Yarra Valley Estate which featured our wedding chapel. There have only been a couple of wedding ceremonies held with the open air structure although we are sure there is going to be

What Goes Into Choosing Wedding Venues

If there is one decision you can’t put off until the last minute while planning a wedding, it’s choosing the wedding venue. Most of your decisions regarding your wedding will hinge upon the venue you settle on including the number of guests and the type of décor you have for the wedding. There are many